Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers

What is your process?

It's important for us to fully understand your business and what you're trying to achieve. We will start with an interview and follow up with a tailored questionnaire. Then, we produce an image or two of what we think your site will look like, for you to take a look at. Once we know we are on the right track we work together get the final product built and delivered.

Can you manage our social media?

Of course! We are happy to manage Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and any other social media platform you wish to maintain. This includes both posting relevant and interesting content, and replying to questions and comments from your audience.

How do you base your pricing?

Depending on the scope and timeline of your needs, we can work on a retainer basis, an hour bank, or a per-project basis. Once we understand your needs we will create a tailored proposal.

What if my business is technical?

No product or service is too technical to learn and understand. Part of our initial onboarding is an in-depth understanding of your offerings, your target audience, and the goals and purpose of your website.

How fast can we get started?

The onboarding process typically lasts 7 - 14 days and consists of an intro video call, an interview, a questionnaire and some back and forth communication for technical purposes. After that, we can go as fast as you need.

Who handles the content writing?

You can choose to provide the content yourself, or we can include a content element in your proposal. We have in-house writers and work with several wonderful external writers.